About the Artist

Welcome to Art By Mazzarella

Rob Mazzarella, Featured Artist, at Drawn to the Art (Studio)-Gallery at The Coconut Market Place, Kauai Hawaii

Rob is a highly experienced painter whos art reflects the exquisite spirit of Kaua’i. His work captures scenes in a very unique way with deep colors of apreciation for the island.

Rob Mazzarella is well established in the art scene on Kauai. He is also a teacher and mentor of his art and his contributions to the community spans decades while producing some of the finest art peices of the islands.

Rob is passionate about his self-rewarding work and every thoughtful second committed to it.

We at Drawn To The Art stand poudly behind Rob Mazzarella, and please know that we apreciate the regular love we get for these pieces of art, and that apreciation grows stronger everytime a new one is released to the people, the heroes, the lovers of art who recognize a beautiful painting.

Many of us are all here for one reason….we love Kauai.

KAUAI is Peace of Mind

Robs art offers a piece of that Peace of Mind

Drawn to the art is a studio gallery where Rob is often live painting on site where you will find original works and high quality prints

Paintings (oil & acrylic) Original Art

Mahalo for joining us please feel free to direct any questions, big or small, we are prepared to help you in anyway we can, email rmartist@gmail.com or give a call 808-639-0290. We love to hear from you.

Thankyou for joining with us on this journey and I would like you to see Rob Mazzarella as a resource for great art, and inspiration to add to you and others lives. Mahalo