Hello Friends, Art lovers, fellow Human beings, and aloha to all, from the Garden Island, Kaua’i Hawaii (The Rainbow State) and home of Rob Mazzarella

Please enjoy the view as we at Drawn To The Art studio- gallery take you on a scroll through tour, of art works created by Rob Mazzarella.

Mahalo for coming this far.

What you are about to experience is a quick snap shot of works followed by a brief discription or story.

The intention is to help you get in a little deeper than the surface to gain an understanding of the personality embedded in every visible brush stroke.

As working artist we understand the limited time so precious to each of us individualy. Time lost may never be gained back so…..

Here is a quick table of contents for those who may be in a hurry to quickly get the info they are looking for

1. Kalalau Valley. 2. Hanalei Waioli Church. 3.

For those who will allow me to take by the hand and personally walk you though this tour, we begin here.

#1 Kalalau Valley, locate along the north shore, not accessible by car or truck. One must hike a rugged 22 mile round trip along the cliffs of The Napali, or charter a boat or helicopter.

This view is from the top of Kokee, the the highest point of the mountains located on the west side of Kaua’i.

People from all over the world travel to Kalalau for this hike which is not some stroll down the coast.

I wanted to take a moment to give some advice unrelated to art and that is about the dangers faced along this pristine length of harmonious scape of mountain cliffs that hug the sea.

Visitors have died here, locals have died here as well, along with other dangerous beaches. This danger is well known but an extra warning to be emphasized is worth the moment to take away from art to promote awareness and raise the alert level in everyone individually, to know the leading cause of visitor death is due to the unpredictable nature of the sea.

Your best interest is really at heart when I say that there is a sign displaying the fatality numbers at the beach of Hanakapia, at the 2 mile marker, the first stop along the trail of Napali, and we as locals cannot Express enough or find the words to describe the pain of the horror stories played out year after year that mostly claim the lives of visitors.

Kauai is beautiful and deadly at the same time. Please, it’s a great place to visit, to find your soul, relax and take in the awesome beauty but we hope you agree that we would like to see everyone leave with only good memories as this warning is intended to help put an end to the tragic stories.

Please and thankyou for your patience as the page is under construction- Mahalo

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